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Listener Quotes


Listener Quotes

CybeRage Listeners Say...

Colby - "i should be thanking you! i have listened to cyberage for almost 10 years now, and really have you to thank for the awesome music i know about today. lately it has literally turned into an obsession for me. now that KUNM has an mp3 stream i can save the stream and listen to it a few more times the next week (listening to the last show right now in fact [for the second time]). its great in the car. gives me the illusion there is actually something good on the radio. sure there are other online radio stations out there that play good music, but NOBODY does it like you do man. NOBODY. cyberage is what got me into this music. back about 10 years ago, my awesome friend ed (you may remember him as Gigavolt on IRC way back in the day) showed me cyberage, and the rest is history."

Tama - "I know have streamed your broadcast from the website from time-to-time, but I much prefer knowing the broadcast is live. I'm an insomniac, and when I first turned on your show in the middle of the night, I was and am so happy to be able to hear such intriguing sounds and really appreciate your attitude about life, too. It's hard to believe that there are folks out there that share my cynicism, sarcasm, gripes and sense of humor. Combine that with the music you play, and it's now something to which I look forward weekly."

Brandon of BLC - "Cyberage is just an incredible feat on your part -- the number of listeners, the diversity of tracks that you put on, your willingness to give new bands a spin -- you're like a dream come true with the program for anyone who wants to experience electro-industrial. No kidding. I have listened to many of the archived programs. I actually don't know of any other radio program / broadcast that I even pay any attention to anymore, other than Cyberage. It's one of a kind, and the very best of its kind."

Joey M - "I've been wanting to email you for months. I am a full time student at Cal State Los Angeles and I work at a law firm. Lame job, hard classes. There's diddly-shit out here for industrial on the radio. I thank the rivethed Gods for finding your radio station for me. I have fought with my bosses, successfully, to be able to listen to your show every day here at work. All the stick-up-their-asses here don't think a lowly file clerk should be able to wear headphones or enjoy their job. Fuck them: You rule! Also, fuck the radio $$$ whores who would rather play tired, cookie-cutter shit on their stations than play something that has balls, energy and creativity! Rant on dude, because what you say is so very true. So very sad. Such a sign of the times, yes? The rich get richer: big money music exec.'s spend big money to make sure big radio plays their lame, stupid shit over and over and over. "Oh, but it's a business!" Fuck you! YOU'RE IN THE BUSINESS OF ENTERTAINMENT! ENTERTAIN YOUR AUDIENCE! If you want to be a Sheppard, buy a farm! I love industrial and wish I could hear it on the radio more. And I don't mean NIN or Static-X. I'm talking TACTICAL SEKT, ASSEMBLAGE 23, GRENDEL, HOCICO, DULCE LIQUIDO, COMBICHRIST, SUICIDE COMMANDO, etc... YOU FUCKING ROCK! DIVERJE FUCKING ROCKS! Please keep it up, and if you could play me some TACTICAL SEKT or HOCICO I'd give you another thanks!"

Tom (General Discord) - "I have recently discovered your radio show and label and I have to say I really respect EVERYTHING you fight for. I feel so lucky to have come across your radio show especially because I have a boring office job and your crazy 5 hr sets make work go by sooooo fast. Its by far the most educational and entertaining show I have come across on the net. (its a big place too!). I hardly ever write emails to labels or bands because Im really not a groupie (trust me!) but I really understand what you are trying to accomplish. Keep up the fight! Tommy, stay darkside and forever hardcore!!! I'll be tuning in!"

Matt - "I can hardly believe it. Cyberage, after all these years. I grew up in Taos. I remember first hearing Cyberage when I was still a teenager. I'd barely scratched the surface of the music world, much less found what I liked. I just knew I liked hard , beautiful stuff. Must've been 1996 or 1997. And there was Cyberage, and DSBP. Long, late Saturday nights pumping you guys out over the empty mesa or locked into the blue-black glow of the computer screen writing while the beat kept me alive and un-sane enough to let creation flow. The show is still awesome. Looping up your show from this Saturday reminds me how diverse the music is."

Bev - "I love your show!! I put a link to your podcast on the front of my blog so more people can hear it. I wish they had radio shows like yours in my area!!"

Steve N from Thailand - "Looking forward to tomorrow's edition of the 'rage. The 'rage is without a doubt the best program for the electro scene on the radio or the web!"

Shawn F - "You're my source for the newest and best industrial, electronic, EBM and otherwise all around kick ass music. I'll be buying more as soon as I can and listening until then. Keep up the good work. Your show is the best."

Allen of Metropolis - "I've been playing your radio archives in the office for the past few weeks, Don't ever stop!"

Henrik from Denmark - "Been listening to Cyberage for the last 3 years and thought it was about time to let you know how grateful I am to have this ONE AND ONLY source of industrial music which truly kicks ass in a country where Robbie Williams is god. As long as I have Cyberage, I'll continue to open my mind and support the underground - thanks again and keep it up Tommy!!!"

Beth - "my husband downloads your shows every 2 weeks or so & we truly enjoy them! i just wanted to let you know you have 2 excellent fans in Cape Town, South Africa! the alternative / EBM scene here exists, but it's obviously very small - i just wanted to let you know we are here & that we appreciate your shows! i love how you rip the normal society off - i roll with laughter! we also don't believe in copying music in this scene to MP3 when the bands are struggling as it is, so we actually order our stuff from wherever & always get originals. i also wanted to ask you to please invite the weed smoking robot onto the show again - i like him!"

D Madden (Penal Colony) - "Cyberage, without question, changed the course of my life for the better. I first met Tommy almost 10 years ago while on tour for "5 Man Job" with Electric Hellfire Club, when he came to our show in Albuquerque. We hit it off immediately. The guy has a truly infectious energy. He didn't really know much about Penal Colony up until that night, and was so psyched by our live show that he took our CD back to the Cyberage studio immediately thereafter and damn near played the whole thing! We fell out of touch over the years, until sometime in 2000-01, when I happened upon a friend and co-worker listening to his show, and realized the stream he was listening to at his desk was the same Tommy T and the same radio show I'd encountered all those years before. It was Tommy that made me realize that Industrial and every other genre dragged along with it was finally coming into the 21st century, and got me so excited about the music again, I made a new Penal Colony record. THAT'S how important his show is to me, as well as the scene. That Tommy has mananged to prevail all these years, as countless bands, radio shows, labels, DJs, etc., have come and went is a testament to the man's character. The show is still relevant and still awesome. Long live Tommy T and the Cyberage!!!"

Dan H - "I just downloaded the 12-21-03 radio show. This is the first time listening to your show, but I must say... it's the best thing since the Internet, itself! Great stuff being played on your show! Keep up the great work! It's people like you who are keeping the underground alive!"

Drew from Colorado - "happy new year, DSBP & CYBERAGE will rage strait into 2004 with more diversity power and class then any radioshow could ever dream of in 2003 I leave you with this truth !"

Gijs - "I'm from Belgium and i love your cyberage! amazing you keep the passion alive all those years time after time again! keep on spinning!"

Martin - "I'm a new listener to online radio in general, and I just wanted to say that your show is the best.Really. It is so hard to find EBM/industrial stuff on the net, and it never get played on regular radio here in the UK."

Jeff H. - "Great show! I listen every week to the new Cyberage stream. I must say I am very excited that Frequency Construct has a record deal w/dsbp. Also very impressed with the new Diverje release."

Brandon L. Clark - "Thanks Tommy, looks like some good stuff ;-) Cyberage is really the number one outlet for the hottest and often the hardest new industrial music."

Matt F. - "Hell, what else is there worth listening to these days anyhow? :)"

Andy - "Thanks for the Cyberage show, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have even heard of these bands. You're doing a excellent job. It's great to see that you have a genuine enthusiasm for the scene."

Steve - "I recently found your website featuring audio from your electronic music shows. I'm sure I'm speaking for all (or most) bands of this genre when I say thanks for playing and promoting our music. It's guys like you that really and truly help us continue to make music."

Llew - "I listen to your show every week at work here in the Stevenage, England and it just psyches me out how you keep pushing out top quality shows. Before I started with your show (about 2 years ago) I had no idea there was so much cool stuff out there. I'd never heard of power noise, or the excellent labels like Hymen and A Different Drum, 9thWave records and of course your very own DSBP - I could go on and on! Anyway keep it up, I really appreciate what your doing for the scene!!!"

Dan - "I wonder if you really understand the influence that you have. It is like you are training a society of musical warriors who will in turn go out and spread the vibe even more. In the name of creativity, beauty and freedom. Rock on! And, I pray that you get your just reward."

Paul G - "Cyberage is the best thing to happen to industrial music in a long time (especially for us brits , we're swamped with lame synthpop, the coldwave and harsher stuff never sees the light of day)"

Tony - "Just a note to remind you how awesome your show is. There's nothing like it in the tristate area. I just downloaded the 9.29 show, I'm looking forward to hearing all five hrs of it! dont' know how you do this week after week!"

Martin from Switzerland - "Ok, your label and the radioshow cyberage really is absolutly fantastic...wooooooooowwwww!!!!"

Nathan C - "still the best show in NM, it is so great listening to music that has a pulse to it instead of the brain-dead fecal matter that they push on the main stations."

Josh C - "It is obvious after listening to a cyberage show, that you are not afraid to open your mind and transcend beyond mediocrity to provide the listener with hours of harsh electronic music of any variety and for that you will always have the respect and support of like-minded individuals who love electronic music regardless of what style it may be."

Dave C - "Dropping a line from the Midwest where I pick up the online shows. Cyberage is the first stop when the industrial virus gnaws. The show only gets better over time."

Bryan - "your show kicks ass. i discovered cyberage.cx a few months ago and listen to it constantly now. on your show i actually get to discover loads of hot new shit every week. my music purchases are now mostly of bands i discovered on cyberage.cx. these bands ROCK! THEY KICK ASS! you are a good man!!! keep it up."

Diana - "your show is the BALLS!!! I haven't seen anything that even comes close to it, really, you are ahead of it all. Best of all you can listen any time."

Eric M - "Your show is the greatest thing since sex!"

Yolk - "You know what I love about Cyberage? You play the new artoffact, aka Massiv in Mensch, but you don't forget to play old artoffact, aka Moksha. No one else is like that. Keep up the good work :)"

Dave - "I tell you what You are SOOO responsible for giving me new sounds for the last 2 years I appreciate it, it keeps me focused as both an artist and a fan...... I love you bro!!!!!!!!!"

Sue - "You play an excellent mix of hard rhythmic noise and chipper synth-pop and you don't keep playing the same old shit."

John from Ireland - "Your archived show has brightened up many a Monday morning for me, powernoise works wonders for a bad hangover!!!!"

Scott - "Just wanted to say your show kicks hardcore ass! The features you do are awesome!"

Slider - "love the show as the tracks you play are amazing. The good thing is that I can go back to previous shows and have a listen. Love your play list, great idea :) :) :) keep up the good work. Tried to find other radio shows over the internet but haven't found anything comparible. Can't say more, so keep on 'trackin'!!!"

Michie - "Because of your show, my CD shopping remains an easy task, since I am able to hear and get an idea of what an album is like before I decide to buy it. I've been building of my CD collection quite a bit. It's a great feeling. I wish more people felt the way I do, rather than ripping off artists with mp3's and never buying the CD if they like the artists enuff. I like having the real thing, not a fuckin copy. Keep up the great work, bro. I really appreciate all your hard work in the scene. Cyberage STILL remains my favorite radio show. After all these years, it still remains on top!"

Daniel from Germany - "... without cyberage we wouldn't find so many new electro-groups. this is great! go on!"

Sascha of Neurotic Fish - "... in germany we have some local radio-stations that play good electronics but your show is.... much more GREATER !!! ;-)"

Scott - "...I must say Bravo on a great show! 5 hours in one sitting, every week, is quite impressive! I respect your commitment to new and unheard music. We need more hardworking, dedicated people within the scene such as yourself!"

Rob from Toronto - "...My mind just trembles with convulsions for the first hour every time. By the second hour my eyes begin to dry from being so WIDE and my cheeks continue to go numb from the gIANt perma-smile. there is nothing like fresh rage there is nothing like fresh rage there is nothing like fresh rage. The soul begins to contort as its destiny becomes completely fulfilled for that one day of the week."

David Flick of Armitage 6, VooDou - "Just wanted you to know, Cyberage has been rocking!!!! Your show keeps the faith alive in new Electro music. I've discovered soo many bands, and I probably wouldn't have given them a chance if I hadn't heard them first on Cyberage..."

Mike in San Fran - "I listen to your show on the Internet constantly. Keep up the excellent job!"

Rusty - "After a 2 years of searching on the Internet for decent audio streams, I have found the best show - yours! The shear size of your show is enough, but to encompass the different styles you do is pure joy."

Sunshine Killer - "I love the cyberage show..Industrial music has been my life for over a decade. Your show is what my dreams are made of. Your show dominates all radio shows I have ever heard."

Mastercard - "i would just like to say that your radio shows is very Rad, it is kool to have a place were you can go and hear good music anytime."

Zinnifred - "I luv you tommy t! Thanks to Cyberage my cd collection is no longer lagging behind."

Enix - "i just wanted to let you guys know that what you are doing is the best thing that has happened to the internet."

Cryogenik - "The show truely is one of a kind. I've moved to many locations, and surprisingly no other radio shows play nearly what you play."

Jesse from Gainesville, FLA - "I have to thank you for your downloadable shows. You have really opened my eyes as far as what is new out there. Thank you for playing the REAL industrial."

Desa from mindless.com - "You venerable gleaning light in an otherwise generically pathetic radio world..."

Michael Mcnamara of industrialmusic.miningco.com - "Keep spreading the disease, you fucking Internet radio god!"

Ville Hising from Sweden - "Everyone should check out the Cyberage Radio Show, it's amazing, the best of its kind!" (taken from Leaether Strip mailing list)

Lady Leve from Quebec Canada - "I love the Cyberage! Keep the great music coming!"

John M from the UK - "It's a great great show, especially useful since there are no radio shows at all in the UK."

Anton Maximov in Utah from Moscow, Russia - "You're the only source of the best new music on the web, the only one that plays interesting stuff... way to go!!"

Johnny Chrome from New Zealand - "In my part of the world there is no industrial EBM movement to speak of. This makes your website a completely beautiful thing. Catering to cybpunks, full marks guys!!"

Fredrik from Sweden - "I think it's a really great id`a to have your radiostation on the net aswell, so that we in the freezing cold Scandinavia can listen to your broadcasts too. Keep up the good work!"

Alex from Russia - "I was amazed by your Cyberage radio, it's really great. Nice choice of music; here in Moscow, I'm spending hours to find some nice industrial/body music in our huge underground CD market; with your radio it's so easy to know more nice groups."


YO Tommy,

This is a long time overdue note from a long time fan. I'm a 48 year old electro fan, way back when from the days of Emerson Lake & Palmer, Kraftwork. Those Disco years were some horrible lean times musicwise.

Just let me say I am a fan and can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. At first I didn't quite 'Get' you, you were a bit rough around the edges for me, but you grew on me and now I do understand you, I get you, and I LOVE YOU MAN!. I stream your broadcast during the day at work when I can.

I completely agree about buying the music, not stealing it. I have bought about 40 CDs in the last couple of years, many, if not most, as a result of hearing them played on Cyberage. Some examples - System Der Dinge, Davantage, Inertia, Matrix, Controlled Fusion, Suicide Commando, Seabound, Pax, Fictional, (The FunkerVogt Side Project), Negative Format, Monolithic, Lode, Angels & Agony, In Strcit Confidence and more. Of course I have all the regular A23, VNV, Apop stuff, but you strive for the smaller, less well known groups, which I love.

I don't have time to hunt around all over the net, finding, stealing, downloading and cutting my own CDs. Life is just too short. Tell everyone to keep buying CD's, or labels and bands will disappear. How many hours am I going to have to spend to save 14 bucks - give me a break.

Gashed! had some great groups and died. Looks like Inception is struggling, they haven't released anything now in a long time. I get a lot of stuff from Metropolis, but I am getting concerned they could become too big and too corporate. The small indy labels need to survive. Keep pounding out the message. Tell people to quite being so GODDAM cheap. These bands are not living in the Hollywood Hills and driving around in Italian sport cars. Plus there can't be anybody working harder than Tom Shear, he is everywhere. (He is living in Seattle now).

Anyway, I HATE listening to the same old thing over and over again. Keep playing the new stuff and all of the variety. No, I don't like everything. I'm not too found of the real harsh stuff, and the stuff that is too Synpoppy/Erasure like is nice, but kind of boring. How do we know what we will like or don't like if we don't get exposed to some variety? Also, some stuff has to grow on you a bit.

So don't let the knuckleheads deter you (Fat chance of that), - keep doing your thing. There's plenty others doing the safe thing. I love the stuff where I can crank the stereo up and get the Subwoofer rocking the walls ! This music just crys for a subwoofer. The base beats on a lot of this suff is out of this world. You are missing 90% of the experince listening to this music on stolen MP3s, played on your little RIO player, listing on $25 headphones. Plus if you don't buy the CD you miss the hidden bonus tracks, like Track 66 on Velvet Acid Christs - Fun With Knives. It's a cool Star Trekky thing, which I have named "The Borg" It's about 8 minutes. If you haven't stumbled onto that one you should give it a listen.

I have even pledged enough money to guest DJ a couple of time on Paul Alienikoff's On the Edge show here in Seattle on C895 FM. (KNHC). I think he told me you have occasionally sent him some stuff. The last time I had him play almost 5 hours of my stuff, a lot of which he doesn't have and which I mostly picked up from listening to the Cyberage. (DJ Todd of Real Synthetic audio also plays some good stuff occasionally, but 45 minutes a week is nothing compared to your 5 hour shows)

I need to work up another order list as they owe me another gig and I went to get some more "new" stuff. I also turned on a couple of teen age kids who we know who said they were getting tired and bored of the curent mass produced schlock pop that is being foisted upon us everywhere.

So I'm trying to do my bit to help the cause. Sorry this is so long, but in this world of downers and an impending idiotic "war" so we can get control of more oil - I figured you could always use another big vote of support and gratitude.

Keep rocking our world and shakin' things up. Your the Man Tommy! - "Don't ever change"

Peace - Your pal, Paul G.

if we submit to values of majors and the kind of market they want to create, we won't be able to make good underground music and art anymore. In the end, it is all about beeing creative and feel strong emotions. The majors don't want that, because they can't control, reproduce and clone it. They want a market they can control, and this means to eleminate everything beside the mainstream clone stuff and has nothing to do with beeing an artist with a vision. Tommy T. and his cyberage radio are one of those who make it possible to do the real creative stuff and enable artists to follow their visions instead of ending up in anonymous automatized nightmares whose most important aim is to kill the spirit of creativity and art and the ones who love such things. everyone considering him- or herself as an artist or loves creative music and art should take over and get into some action to help those things grow. Don't submit to those who are trying to manipulate you, to make you fit into a structure they have created to make everything predictable. freedom of mind, thought and expression should be our most important aim, to create a world that is made for us, not for the ones who want to take away our freedom - just to control society like a game you play on your computer. Tim Staeglich /ENDEMONIA http://www.timstaeglich.com

If you are looking for the most progressive and underground music in the Industrial scene, check out "Cyberage Radio" hosted by high energy Tommy T. There are several ways for the avid rivethead to tune in to the show. Of course, if you live in New Mexico you can tune into The University of New Mexico's station, KUNM 89.9 FM, during the wee hours of Sunday morning from 1:00a - 6:00a Mountain Time. For those outside of New Mexico, there are two options for listening. If you prefer to hear the show live, you can get a feed from the KUNM web site at http://www.kunm.org. Finally, if those hours are simply inconvenient for you, the Cyberage Radio website at http://www.cyberage.cx has an archive of shows in Real Audio format spanning from about 4 months back to the most current show.

At six hours long, Cyberage is the longest Industrial radio show with a real live DJ that I've encountered as of yet. Tommy T has no shortage of great Industrial tunes to fill up the time slot, though. Being deeply involved with DSBP, an Electro record label and distributor, as well as a member of the band Diverje, Tommy T fills the entirety of his time working with new and underground Electro Industrial acts. In fact, the main focus of the show is to support developing artists on the scene not only by exposing their music, but my providing as much information to listeners as they can regarding these artists.

Its those new and underground Electro acts that are the greatest point of the show, not to say that you won't hear the more familiar bands on Cyberage. Each show features one or two of the hottest and most talked-about bands on the scene. In recent times some of these featured artists have included Beborn Beton, PAX, Gridlock, Covenant, Pulse Legion, and Razed in Black, and in each show Tommy will play several selections from the artist representing the best of their musical style.

With so much cram packed into a marathon 6 hours from introductions to fantastic new artists to the best of the favorites, this show is a must for those who need their fix of Electro music.

KUNM-FM http://www.kunm.org University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-1011, USA

reviewed by ::CyBeRiNa FLuX:: Assistant Editor StarVox Music Zine http://www.starvox.net