cyberage radio

Updated weekly with over 200 hours archived of underground electronic internet radio diversity!

Cyberage is the most listened to elektronic, industrial, experimental and diverse futuristic minded show on the map! there's no stopping the true power of the CYBERAGE!!! thanks alot for your support!


This website is maintained by individuals donating time, money, and services to providing this great cyber music free to the internet for all to enjoy. The shows you hear here have been digitally edited, subtracted, added, and mastered for the internet, and do not accurately reflect the actual KUNM radio broadcast. The only official KUNM internet broadcast can be found at the live link to the left.

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** After 19 years of broadcasting LIVE from KUNM RADIO, ALBUQUERQUE, NM and worldwide @ we finally have the perfect image for the CYBERAGE RADIO T-SHIRT!! WE Thank- DAN CHRISTENSEN for his awesome T-SHIRT ARTWORK here and being a TRUE CYBERAGE RADIO BROTHA! we also Thank ADAM WILCOX (TARO) for his amazing support and finding Dan to do this, as well as his great promotional tactics and "meme madness" on the CYBERAGE RADIO show and "chat room" each weekend!

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO LISTEN AND SUPPORT THIS SHOW EACH WEEK OR EVERY DAY (archives) for the last 19 years!! WE ARE ALWAYS GOING AND INNOVATING THE AIRWAVES HERE!! ** WE ALSO APPRECIATE ANY "DONATIONS" you can make to keep us going and keep my truck working and able to make it to UNM every weekend to do the show.


Cyberage wishes to send our thanks to our generous benefactors at and for their contributions of constantly updated web servers, disk space, and eternal work and support of this show! Without them none of this would be possible! :o)